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Jim Fox

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Namaste - Double CD

Live Kirtan In The Church

13 tracks on 2 CDs, including Kali Ma, Ahum Prema, Ra Ma Da Sa, Maranatha and Rama Bolo.

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Jim's First Book

Be Still

Simple Keys To Living A Spiritual Life In A Material World

Why do we spend so much time looking outside of ourselves when all the great spiritual teachers of the past tell us, quite clearly, that we can find all that we need within? Throughout our lives we are conditioned to believe that nothing is easy. From early childhood we are taught that if something is worth having, then it has to be worked for and earned. In school we learn that we have to compete, to be the best. In our religious institutions we are told that god punishes those who do not conform or obey. Governments tell us that in order to have world peace, we must fight for it. Discover the simple keys to living a fulfilled, content, peaceful and abundant life.

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Jim Fox deals with many areas of life that would appear to present us with obstacles to living in harmony with the divine source. Be Still shows how to make these seeming obstacles disappear, making the path to peace and enlightenment an easy and enjoyable road to travel.

The follow up to Be Still

Abiding In The Stillness

Realising a Life of Abundance

When we live in a place of Stillness we find that our whole life changes. Our outlook changes, our attitude changes, our reactions to events and people changes.

In this book, Jim Fox, author of the popular "Be Still - Simple Keys to Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World", shows how we can take up residence in that place of Stillness, deep within us and experience a life of fullness and abundance whilst going about our normal, day-to-day lives.

A life of Abundance, is not just a possibility - it is the destiny of each and every one of us. When we realise that we have enough for this present moment, we are truly rich and experiencing Abundance.

It is only in the Stillness that we find Healing, Purpose, Abundance & Oneness.


The latest book from Jim Fox

The End Is Insight

A Karmic Life Journey

In life, one thing leads on to another, This is the Law of Karma. Everything that has happened in the past has led us to where we are in this present moment. Nothing is permanent, The Universe is constantly moving.

Our lives, also,  are constantly moving and changing. We live our lives, journeying through the changes and in the end we will know.

The latest book from Jim Fox takes a look at his life and the lessons learnt. Every situation faced, whether it was easy or hard, every decision made, whether considered to be right or wrong.


Jim sees that every personal encounter, whether with the famous such as Bruce Springsteen, Prince Harry, or HH The Dalai Lama, or the unsung, such as early school teachers, or family members have been stepping stones on the path to who he is now. All experiences and encounters, have been working together, leading to the ultimate personal encounter with the true self.