Chakra Tuning

Unlocking and Balancing the Chakras

A Chakra tuning session begins with the client being encouraged to enter a state of relaxation, either sitting down or lying on the therapy couch, whichever is most comfortable. A Tibetan singing bowl may be used to help bring on this relaxed state.

Then, harmonic tuning forks are played to bring a sense of harmony into the mind and body. This is known as entrainment, in physics this is when two objects vibrating at different frequencies begin to resonate and fall in to synchrony. After this, individual tuning forks are played which resonate at different frequencies relating to each of the chakras. During the therapy session the client will be guided to direct their concentration to each of the chakras, cleansing and coming into harmony with the individual frequencies and also to make positive affirmations bringing healing to body, mind and spirit.

At the end of the therapy session the Tibetan bowl will be used again to re-awaken the client and allow them to ground themselves and go back into the world.

A Chakra Tuning therapy session lasts for 1 hour, which includes the relaxation and time for grounding at the end of the therapy.