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A one-day workshop for beginners and experienced Bhakti Yoga practitioners alike.
VENUE - Temple Wellness Centre, The Heritage Centre, Parkmill, Gower, Swansea
Kirtan chanting is a fast growing, popular practice that is gaining followers all over the world, but what is it all about?
Kirtan is one element of Bhakti, but Bhakti is not all about Kirtan. It’s not all about ceremonies and ritual, and it’s not all about saying the right things.
Bhakti is the Yoga of Devotion and Service, but who or what should we be devoted to?
In this workshop we will be exploring the real depth of Bhakti, and looking at such topics as
• Where do I focus my devotion?
• Do I need to find an external Guru
• What is the purpose of Chanting?
• How can I develop a practice of Bhakti?
• Is Bhakti Yoga a religion?
During the day, we will also spend some time chanting together and in Meditation.
In keeping with the Bhakti principle of ”Service”,  we are keeping the fee for this workshop to a minimum to simply cover the costs of room-hire etc.
Cost is £20, and the workshop runs from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm.
Jim Fox's spiritual journey has led him from being a Minister in a Christian Church, through many years of exploration of various religious teachings, to what he describes as Holistic Spirituality. Jim is an author, inspirational speaker and Kirtan leader

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A one-day workshop to empower you to fulfil your spiritual potential.

Discover the Guru within.
Step towards “Self-actualisation” and learn how to use all your abilities to achieve, and to be, everything that you possibly can.

Realise your oneness with the Divine and with all creation.

Learn how to break free from the material chains and to rise above into Spiritual heights.

Join us for this life-enhancing workshop.

The cost is only £30 as we believe that such teachings should be accessible to all, not just the few.