Namaste – Kirtan CD

Jim Fox was joined by a number of extremely talented musicians and singers some time ago to record a new double CD of Kirtan music and chant, "Namaste".


Guitar and vocals - Jim Fox

Tablas - Tom Simenaeur (Tabla Tom)

Tambura - Ranchor Prime

Low whistles - Nigel Mason

Guitar - Matthew Burden


Backing Vocals Anjana Dasi, Donna Males, Sian Dee & Kiera Jones & the many others who joined us in the church to add their beautiful voices to a beautiful recording.

Mastered and Engineered by Tom Simenaeur.

The Recording includes various Chants, Matras and Bhajans including  Ma Dehane Me Atma Om, Om Asatoma, Ambe Ambe, Om Dum Durgayei, & 12 other tracks.

You can hear some samples of the tracks by clicking on the links below.

Ma Dehane Me Atma Om

Om Asatoma

Ambe Ambe

Om Dum Durgayei Namaha

All hard copies of the CD have now been sold, but a downloadable version of the recording is available from