Singing Bowl Treatment

Crystal Singing Bowl and Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy

For General Healing and Wellbeing

A Sound Therapy treatment using Crystal Bowls and Metal Bowls has to be experienced in order to fully understand the healing power and energy created by the tones and harmonics.

In a Sound Therapy session with crystal and Tibetan singing bowls a state of relaxation can be experienced which allows the body and mind to re-tune and can stimulate the natural healing process.

The receiver can be either sitting down or lying on the therapy couch for this treatment. The bowls are played around the body allowing the bones and organs to resonate with the tones and vibrations of the bowls.

People who have received this therapy have also testified to a calming and clearing of the mind allowing them to take a more positive view of their life and situation.

A bowl therapy session lasts for 1 hour, including time for grounding after the treatment.