Sonic Healing

For specific physical problems and ailments

Using a selection of instruments including crystal bowls, Tibetan Bowls and Otto Tuning Forks, the healing energy of sound is directed at the problem area. This particular therapy can involve physical contact with the instruments as the vibrating tuning forks are placed on certain areas of the body, depending on the problem being treated.

The treatment may involve Sonic Reflexology and/or Sonic Acupressure, which involves the vibrating tuning forks being played and placed on the relevant reflexology points of the feet or the acupressure points on the body, sending the gentle vibrations through the body, releasing blockages and allowing the healing natural energies to flow.

The treatment ends with a time of relaxation using the Singing Bowls.

A Sonic Healing Treatment lasts for 1 hour including time for grounding at the end of the session.