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This Certificated Correspondence course, which can be done on line or by mail, covers all aspects of Sound Therapy and Healing, including history, tools, how it works etc.

The course is in 6 modules at a cost £75 per module and can be taken at your own speed. The course is accredited and recognised by the (British) Complementary Medical Association.

Some modules will be accompanied by a DVD so that you can both see and hear as you learn. All modules will be accompanied by full course material.

Module One - Introduction to Sound Therapy

The Basics. In the first module we will be looking at what Sound Therapy is, including the History and Science behind Sound Therapy. How Sound Therapy works. Pioneers of Sound Therapy. Cymatics. Musical Intervals. Entrainment etc.

Module Two - Knowing the tools of Sound Therapy

In the second module we will introduce the instruments, including Singing Bowls, Gongs, Percussion, Tuning Forks etc looking at how different instruments are used in treatments and their individual benefits. We will look at how to use and play the instruments and how the different frequencies of the instruments affect us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Module Three - Knowing the tools of Sound Therapy (Part 2)

Continuing on from Module Two, looking at more of the tools and instruments that we can use in Sound Therapy.

Module Four - The Healing Power of the Human Voice

In this module we will look at how the voice has been used in different traditions through the years as a healing tool. We will examine such things as Mongolian Overtone Singing. Bija Mantras. Toning the Chakras. We will learn to scan the body with the voice, looking for blockages etc., and the transference of energy by means of the voice.

Module Five - Drumming and Percussion

The fourth module will concentrate on using Shamanic and Tribal Drums. How drumming can be used to facilitate trance states and meditation. This module will include using drumming for guided meditations and for clearing of negative energies.

Module Six - Revision and Exam

The final module will be a reminder of all the work covered, with some extra in-depth teaching. The student will be required to complete a written test on the work covered during the course and also to submit a 2000 word essay based on what they have learnt and experienced.

Please note that this course alone does not qualify you as a Sound Therapy Practitioner. However, if after completing the course you would like to continue to practitioner level, you would be able to take a further module on.

The Role of the Therapist

At a cost of £75. You would also be required ot attend a weekend intensive at a further cost of £250.

In this Role of The Therapist module we concentrate on the Ethics and Responsibilities of the Therapist. Being aware of the boundaries and the legal implications of offering Complementary Therapies, and the importance of Continuing Professional Development.

Focus will also be put on the Business End - Setting Up and Marketing your Sound Therapy Practice, Insurance, Professional Bodies, Legal requirements, Client Records and Confidentiality etc.

Following this, in order to gain your Practitioner Qualification, you would be required to attend an intensive weekend workshop. On successful completion of the workshop you will then be required to undertake 20 case studies before graduating as a qualified Sound Therapy Practitioner.

Total cost of Study at Home course up to Practitioner Level is :

7 modules at £75 plus weekend workshop at £250 = £775

Celtic Crossroads is an accredited training college, recognised by the Complementary Medical Association. Qualification allows you to become a member of the CMA which is one of the leading organisations in the Complementary Medical field, representing over 15,000 practicing therapists. Jim Fox & Celtic Crossroads are also members of Jonathan Goldman's International Sound Healers Association

If you would like to enrol on the six-part study course, please send us an email and we will send you further information.

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