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The Inspirational Speaker


After publication of his first book, Jim became much in demand as an inspirational public speaker, and has now firmly established himself on the Mind, Body, Spirit circuit at events around the country.

Jim gives talks, and leads workshops, on a range of subjects including, The Law of Attraction, Living Without Striving, Sound Healing, Quantum Healing and Meditation.

With a style that is very relaxed and down to earth. Jim is easy to listen to and presents his topics with humour and passion. 

If you would like Jim to come and talk, or lead a workshop at your event or venue, please send an email enquiry to

Reactions to Jim's talks and workshops

"The talks gave an informative perspective of meditation and what it means"


"I'm surprised at how much sense it made to me. The 'Vessel and the Source' explanation almost brought me to tears, it was like sparks of recognition"


"I found a sense of belonging, as everything you talked about made complete sense. It has made me look inside myself again, for answers"




"Lovely gentle teaching style, with the openness to accept that each person will learn differently"


"Incredibly inspirational and sincere. Jim spoke right to the heart, from his own heart.


"Jim has a very calming energy, which made the workshop really enjoyable"


"Wonderful, we need more (lots) of this"


"A fantastic experience, most certainly attributed to the fact that Jim delivered the information in the simplest way. Spot on for what I needed for re-discovering my self"


"Brilliant. Meditation de-mystified and made accessible"



Jim Fox facilitates a number of workshops throughout the year, at The Centre in Swansea. The workshops primarily focus on meditation and stillness, as well as presenting tools for living a Spiritual life in today's material world.

For information about these workshops, keep an eye on the Coming Events page on this site.

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