The Writer


It is no surprise that Jim Fox has established himself as a writer. Writing has always been a passion for Jim from an early age. Whilst still a young pupil at primary school, one of his dreams was to become a journalist and he volunteered to put together a school magazine.

During the years that followed Jim has written numerous theatre and concert reviews for a variety of publications, as well as many articles for magazines, including Labyrinth Magazine, of which he was joint editor and publisher. He has also written a number of plays and musicals for the theatre, including Weavers, a musical about the women in King Arthur's life.

Along side that, Jim is also the writer and composer of many songs that he has recorded and performed over a long career as a professional musician. As a singer/song-writer, Jim has travelled and performed widely throughout the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia, particularly in Denmark where he became a popular entertainer during the early 2000s. 

Since stepping aside from his commercial musical career, Jim is now fulfilling a life-time dream and spending more time concentrating on writing. His books, "Be Still - Simple Keys to Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World" and the follow up, "Abiding In The Stillness", together with his latest book, "The End is Insight" are now available from this site, and also on Kindle.

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Jim is also the writer of a wordpress blog page, and you can also follow his occasional blogs at

Jim's words

"I love to be able to shut myself away in order to write, to be undisturbed and quiet. Once I start to write, I find that the words just flow. I don't really plan, or have any formula, I just let it come and then, when it is written, I will read it, make alterations, deletions, additions until I feel that I have conveyed what it is that I want to say."