In 2011 this show provided us with the stepping stone to go on to open The Centre in Swansea, which we ran for seven and a half years. During this time we were able to provide free support and therapies to dozens of people living with cancer and other life-limiting conditions. It also led us along a path which opened the door to us at Skanda Vale Hospice in West Wales, where Kiera is now the lead clinical nurse.

Following the broadcast of the show, we received a further cheque from a viewer who felt inspired to support our work, doubling the amount that we actually won.

We had a lot of fun during the recording of the shows, a lot of laughs and quite a few tears. We met some lovely people and made some great friendships.

Thank you to Noel, all the crew at DOND, all my fellow contestants and all the people who have supported us on this incredible journey.

If you follow the path of the labyrinth, one step at a time, you cannot fail to reach the centre.